Knowledge Is the memory of Understanding. Thích Quang Duc, 1963. Saigon. Hi Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Advertisements

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Skipping Stones & Stars

At age eleven I was skipping stars across the lake. I asked my father, “God what does it mean to be a man? Will I be a king?”. His silence was more than I could stand, so I threw the biggest star that I could see. The water crashed about and licked the beach. Hands […]

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War in the Rain

Resistance creates traction. Troubles will give you direction. A muscle is strengthened after the breakdown. Walls become stepping stones, as sure as swords are made in the fire. Experience is the sharpest of teachers and pain the measure of its meter. We can throw around all kinds of pretty words, but nothing reveals the heart […]

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Take ownership of your life. No one else can change shit. People around you will take all kinds of action, and it will seem as though they are changing you, by changing your environment, but they aren’t. They aren’t putting you in a bad mood. You are putting yourself in a bad mood, by clinging […]

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An Empty Gate

I have ears, though I am deaf. I have eyes, though I am blind. You look to me, while I fall for waves thrown to other shores. The walls in you and me are boundaries of metaphor. While walking down the road, a raven flew by as the rain began, drunk in her symmetry. Black […]

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Artificial Life

I scoured the skies for the immortal, yet found no light like that in the eyes of the dying who have realized. The dynamic device in your hand, is nothing to the design in your head. The body is more than a thought; for if it is severed, the thought is known as a phantom […]

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Beyond the Reef

My voice is a shade of the one within you, in every tone and hue. Though waves have come into the picture, it is your mind that paints the view. The sound, pitch and timber resonates within the chamber of your ear, an interpretation, relative and dependent upon the biology through which you hear. Receive […]

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